My True NatureWhen I was little, getting useful gifts was always a huge bummer. Then again, my Great Aunt Hilda usually went for the half-price, open-package soap-and-undies combo pack at KMart. True story: One time, they even had World’s Best Lover printed across the tush. I was 8.

But my kids love baths so much that they’d be overjoyed to find a bottle of eco-conscious, gentle bubble bath in their stockings. Especially if it’s by My True Nature.

This new, mom-run line of just-for-kids bath products comes with
a 100% all-natural guarantee and a cute line-up of characters from a teddy bear to a dragon, to keep
your kids laughing. And smelling great.

The ingredients from My True Nature
are healthful, and the bottles are recyclable (although my daughter
insists our empty bottle is a submarine for the Wonder Pets). Our favorite product is the Bobo’s Natural Baby Bubble Bath,
with plant-based cleansers,
soothing herbs, and oodles of bubbles that combine for a fun bath experience
that leaves my sensitive little ones soft and smelling like lemon

We also enjoyed the 2-in-1 shampoo and body wash, but older
kids with longer hair will definitely need conditioner afterward to
avoid a trip to Tangle City.

Take it from me, cool aunts of the world: Fun, natural bubble bath beats granny panties every time. –Delilah

Buy natural bath products for kids at the My True Nature website, including holiday gift packs.