partridge familyBecause we are such TV junkies, we are happy to present the second in three-part series on our favorite TV moms through the ages, and the fab
fashion they inspired.

After all, who doesn’t love fab retro fashion? And cool moms? It’s all sponsored by XFNITY from Comcast which helps you keep up with your favorite entertainment–even the reruns.

1970s: Shirley Partridge

In this, the decade of the Feminist mom, it was hard to pick a favorite. While we loved Maude and Ann Romano and Edith Bunker, when it comes to fashion we have to go with Shirley Partridge. Come on, she was a band mom! She rocked the pantsuit. And she had that super cool bus which we imagine she’d still be driving, minivans be damned.

70s scarf

 70s floral scarf $7 from Virdian Thumm

[see more favorite 70s and 80s inspired fashion after the jump]

yellow 70s coat

Yellow So-Cute Coat $79.99 at Modcloth.

vintage clogs

I Think I Love Shoe (get it?) Wooden Clog $75.99 at Modcloth

claire huxtable

1980s: Claire Huxtable
the mid-80s, it was clear that Claire Huxtable of The Cosby Show was
America’s mom. She managed to raise all those kids, hold down a job as a
successful attorney, and still put up with her husband’s sweaters. Plus?
Her accessories are so very back in right now. Honorable mention to
Murphy Brown, Elyse Keaton, and of course, Peg Bundy.

alexis bittar earrings

Mercury Gold drop earrings $295 at Alexis Bittar

80s style deveraux dress

Deveraux Dress $112.99 at Modcloth

studded frye boots

Black studded western boots $498 at Frye. Oooh…..

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