Kids need a little ink too. (No, not tattoos. We may be hip and fashion-forward, but we’re not crazy.) I’m talking about the kind of ink that creates together time, yields beautiful artwork, and teaches an interesting lesson.

The all-in-one handy sumi-e painting kit by the award-winning art educators at Eye Can Art provides everything you need to share the art of Chinese brush painting with your kids. Even better: no needles are involved.

Sumi-e, also known as Chinese brush painting, is the ancient art of capturing an image with carefully controlled brush strokes. You’ve probably seen them on the wall of your favorite sushi bar–bamboo, birds, and butterflies are favorite subjects. But anything looks lovely on the included paper, painted with black ink and finished with a red-inked chop, or name stamp.

What I like most about this kit from Eye Can Art is that you don’t have to rustle up a pencil sharpener or worry that you have the wrong brush. Aside from a couple of paper cups and some water, it’s all in there. I was able to make several paintings with my four-year old, and I was impressed with how great her fishies looked framed by the included black paper.

Better, there are more than enough supplies to make several projects; even if you run out of paper, the copious ink will work just as well on computer paper. The instructions are brief but informative and lead to instant success, even for non-artists.

This would make a great project for that looooong week between Christmas and New Year’s. Or if the kits are sold out (they’ve been very popular!) They have several other kits, including a kids’ print making kit previously reviewed here, and a book in a box.

Eye Can Art, and you can, too! –Delilah

Visit Eye Can Art for more information or to order using Paypal. You can also check their store locator for US and international availability–they sell them in specialty and boutique stores.