Trumpette baby socks
My quest for all things cool for babies started when a friend told me about Trumpette socks. She said all the hip Mommies in her Brooklyn Mommy’s group had them.

Images of moms dressed in effortlessly chic clothes with Converse sneakers came mind. Babies flashed brightly colored feet and smiles. I wasn’t too far off.

And now, those very socks just got affordable and accessible to even those outside the Park Slope environs.

Target now sells Trumpettetoo
with the same cute style as the original Trumpette, but easier on the
wallet. The collection includes socks, tights and shoes in fun prints
and colors. (I haven’t seen the shoes in person, but I can vouch for the
socks and tights.)

Trumpettetoo holiday baby socks from Target

Trumpettetoo Holiday tights and socks are festive and fun with polka
dots or stripes. The daisy socks and tights are so scrumptious you won’t
be able to stop squeezing your baby’s little piggies. I also love the
polka dot tights in pink or purple. For the boys, there are options too,
including Johnny socks in Kelly green, light blue and royal blue (my
favorites) and holiday colors.

Tell all your friends who are
having babies about Trumpettetoo and I’ll continue my quest for all
things cool. I only wish I lived in Brooklyn. Sniff. –Elizabeth

Shop Trumpettetoo at Target.

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