Timi & Leslie 2 in 1 backpack diaper bagI have nothing against backpack diaper bags. In fact, with four kids in
tow, I completely understand their usefulness. I just
haven’t yet found one that fits my style. And while I can’t say I’ll be
trading in my beloved leather bag anytime soon, I’m definitely digging
the new 2 in 1 backpack diaper bag from CMP fave Timi & Leslie.

If you are an avid backpack diaper bag fan, then you’ll probably love
this bag. And if you haven’t yet jumped on board yet, you’ll find it
pretty intriguing. The Timi & Leslie 2 in 1 convertible backpack diaper bag has everything you’d want in a diaper bag –
water resistant lining and lots of pockets, including two insulated ones
for bottles. However, if you
don’t need to be wearing your bag on your back, the straps actually tuck
away in a convenient zip pouch. Just pop out the shoulder strap and
it’s like you have a whole new bag.

With that in mind, it’s
really like carrying a diaper bag on your back, so there’s not much room
for anything other than your baby or toddler essentials; your laptops still need their own homes. But if you’ve
been in the market for a cool, but practical diaper bag, then this is definitely for you. Especially at just under $65. -Kristen

You can purchase the Timi & Leslie 2 in 1 convertible backpack diaper bag at our affiliate Amazon.com