iPhone needlepoint cases
It’s very possible that some of you may score some new technology for the holidays. And of course we know that it’s the gift that keeps on taking–that dandy new iPhone 4 will require a spare power cord, decent ear buds, some fun apps, and of course, a swanky case.

Ooh, have we got one for you.

I think these needlepoint iPhone cases
are the perfect way to hold onto the arty side of myself, even as I
wholeheartedly embrace the technology glued to my left ear. The designs
are beyond adorable–especially that Union Jack. (You know how we like
the Union Jack.)

The one catch: You have to make the cases yourself. These kits include
everything you need to create all three brilliant patterns. You just choose between the red/white/blue or the raspberry/white/lime.

It’s kind of like the next generation toaster cozy, only way more practical. –Liz

Grab the needlepoint iPhone case kits  and iPod case kits too, at AMH Design.

[via cool hunting]

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