Girls' appliqued A-line dressHaving both a boychild and a girlchild, I can assure you that–despite both being wonderful and having their respective proclivities and attributes–dressing girls is just more fun. I’m sorry, but it is.

Especially when there are these gorgeous appliqued A-line dresses available from 24 Shades of Green on Etsy.

Creator Catherine Byrne brings ten years of New York
City Garment District experience to bear on her designs, combining
simple, modern lines with just enough color and texture to keep things
fun. What little girl wouldn’t love the stripes and whiskers of the
kitties on this jersey cat dress (shown), or be delighted by a mixed-fabric owl sitting atop a tweedy branch on the jersey owl dress?

Every piece is handmade and one-of-a-kind, and the prices reflect that. These are very special dresses; comfortable, fashion fabulous for them, and a little thrill for you. Sorry, moms of boys. -Mir

Check out 24 Shades of Green on Etsy for these and other fabulous little girls’ dresses.