diaper changing mat
The time has arrived that I have to think about changing diapers again. Diapers. I’d kind of forgotten about that part of having a new baby.

Lucky for me, though, there’s a nifty new change mat in town that will make it easy for me to do the anytime, anywhere diaper change with grace. And, of course, style.

The Thula Eco Mat
kind of looks like a mini yoga mat. And, I’ll admit, since a sample came into
our house, my kids have had a great time using it as such. Made from a
non-toxic foam material that is not only recyclable, but also naturally
biodegrades –how cool is that?– this diaper change mat is one I’ll
feel happy to lie a baby on.

It rolls up for travel or storage and a strap holds it closed. When you need to do a diaper change, you just unroll
it, add a microfiber or organic cotton Puddle Pad and you’re good to go. Yes, a Puddle Pad sounds like something for your pets, but the idea is that it can catch
and absorb (or at least localize) any, er, liberated messes.

I think
I’d be more inclined to use it as an at-home, change-anywhere type of
product; I feel like it’s a bit larger than I’d prefer to carry around for public restroom changes. But I love that the material is non-slip and waterproof, so baby
won’t be sliding around all over the place during changes. I also love that it’s all made in the US and Canada, and that the mat and pads are a breeze to wash and care for.

And, you know what else? I love how it looks. The espresso and
sand color combination is actually very easy on the eyes. And, really,
if I’m going to be raving to you about a diaper change mat, it sure as
heck better be pretty. –Stephanie

Find the new eco-friendly baby change mat from Thula Eco Mat


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