While we love bringing you what’s new and cool and educational in media, we thought it would be fun to share with you our own staffer’s favorite guilty pleasure TV shows. Admit it–or only to yourself– we all have those shows we love to watch when the kids are asleep and we’re not uh, listening to NPR or committing Cervantes to memory.

Some of the picks here actually threw us for a loop! We always knew we had a mad vampire fan among our ranks, but who knew we had a daytime soap opera addict too?

Real Housewives of Beverly HillsLiz : God help me, I need a Real Housewives 12-step program. I’m hard pressed to choose a favorite between Beverly Hills, New York, and New Jersey, all of which I find endlessly fascinating and sadly cathartic. (Come on – you love it when the mean girl finally gets hers.) I just know that if Kyle Richards and I ever met, we’d be BFF forever and ever. And we’ll have lunch with Andy Cohen once a week at The Ivy.

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Honorable Mention: Speaking of rehab, I can’t help but be captivated by the heart-wrenching stories on Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew. I feel personally invested in the recovery of all those people now, and I sure am rooting for them.

my strange addictionKristen: A woman addicted to eating toilet paper. Another who sleeps with her
blow dryer. Just two reasons why I’m now addicted to TLC’s new show My
Strange Addiction
. Plus it makes me feel better that I check the lights
way too many times before I go to bed.

Honorable Mention: Toddlers & Tiaras. What isn’t there to love about stage moms and little girls running
around in $2500 dresses and full faces of make up? I just have to make sure my daughter never sees

the millionaire matchmakerChristina: There is something wickedly satisfying about watching those
uber-rich “have it alls” coming to The Millionaire Matchmaker for help
in the love department. Matchmaker Patty has a way with words,
especially for those 50-somethings who want a little 20-something arm
candy. But what I really want to see is a match—this mama likes a
happy ending.

 Honorable Mention: Though the show drives my husband batty since he went through it already 11 years ago, I can’t take my eyes off of TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress.

true bloodDelilah: Now that True Blood has hit the big time, I’m proud to be a long-time
Charlaine Harris fan. I’m strictly Team Eric, in case you’re wondering,
even in the episode where he was dolled up in a navy velvet tracksuit
while Pam highlighted his sexy vampire hair. Start with a telepathic
barmaid, then add in werewolves, werepanthers, fairies, maenads, and
voodoo, and you’ve got a recipe for a bloody good time.

Honorable MentionFrisky Dingo on Adult Swim, because I laugh like a
twelve-year old boy when vulgar billionaire playboy/sociopath Xander
Crews and battles cartoon monster and presidential hopeful, Killface.

bridezillasMir: My shame is twofold; I don’t just watch Bridezillas,
I make my husband watch it with me. But hear me out: The very best way
to strengthen a relationship and conclude that whatever petty
differences exist, you are still way more sane than most of the rest of
the population is to watch crazy women flipping out about their “special
day” while beating down the men who they supposedly love. I’m telling
you, we conclude every guffaw-filled viewing with my husband telling me
how awesome and laid-back I am. (If you know me, you know why that’s

Honorable Mention: Goes to Monsters Inside Me. There was actually an episode called “Maggots in my Head.” Yes.

young and the restlessBetsy
: To be fair, I got hooked on The Young & The Restless
my senior year of High School when I had Mono, but have been a loyal
viewer ever since. I have stuck with it through dozens of evil twin
story lines, endless miraculous coma recoveries, and the never-ending
saga of Victor and Nikki. My favorite thing is when I can sneak away and
“watch my stories.”

Honorable Mention: I can’t decide whether Sister Wives is completely horrifying, or if having some extra hands around the house would be pretty awesome.

HoardersJulie: I’m already compulsively tidy, but watching Hoarders
has reassured me that at least my family will never be buried under a
mountain of dead plants, empty ice cream cartons, and thirteen years’
worth of National Geographic issues. (You may scoff, but those babies
are weighty.) Though if my kids’ rooms get to be unreasonably messy, I
might start using the show as a scare tactic.

Honorable Mention: A few of my very best friends (ahem, Liz and Kristen) introduced me to Jersey Shore last
February, and as sick as I am of Sam and Ronnie–Who isn’t? GAH–I
still love that trainwreck of a show.

So, spill it mamas! What are your favorite guilty pleasure TV shows?

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