Big Bigger Biggest Sibling personalized t-shirt
Even though my youngest is still a baby, I can’t tell you how many times I hear the other girls argue No I’m the big sister! And technically, they both are – however, my six-year-old is insistent that she’s the biggest sister. I don’t even try to explain that to my two-year-old. (And my son, he could probably care less. Ha.)

I’ve always loved the idea of big brother and sister tees to welcome a new baby, but what do you do when you have more than one?

Now with the Big, Bigger, Biggest t-shirts from one of our favorite little shops, The Silly Wagon, every sibling will be a happy one.

[Update: they’re now available at]

A genius change to the highly sought after “big brother” and “big sister”
shirts, these personalized tees make a fantastic gift – especially for
large families like ours. Just pick your color and which form of “Big”
you prefer.

I love that it saves any kid from having to be the
little brother or sister–which, if your kids are like mine, will start a
riot. -Kristen

Purchase the big sister/big brother tees with a twist at Baby Box


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