My 3-year-old is currently in the full throes of wanting to be an artiste. Paints, crayons, felt, tissue paper, googly eyes, she wants to do it all — especially if she can wear a beret at the same time.  And now there’s a new shop offering DIY shirt designs for your own little masterpiece maker that kids will go nuts for.

Tickly Octopus (the name alone will get a giggle out of even the most surly of kiddos) offers up organic cotton tees that come with a baggie of handmade felt animal and letter appliques and adornments like grassy patches, suns and flowers. Your kid’s canvas is an undyed, sustainable edition American Apparel cotton tee.

Starting at $30 and made for 2- to 8-year-olds, the shirts are pretty much the most perfect craft project ever, making them great for rainy days, playdates, and, well — anytime, really. They’re so very easy to assemble; just position, peel, stick, then pop in the dryer to set permanently. So there’s absolutely no struggling to be an artiste here. -Lexi

Have your kid create a scene — a good one! — with the DIY shirts at Tickly Octopus. Order before April 30 and get 15% off your order with the code mom015. 

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