Tie Tea CupI am generally a coffee drinker, mostly out of habit, but lately I’ve made the switch over to tea and I’m not sure I’ll go back. I enjoy the ritual: brewing the water, selecting the tea of your choice, burning your fingers as you try to fish the tea bag out of the scalding hot mug. Well maybe not that part.

Here’s another thought, buy one of these Tie Tea Cups and anchor your tea bag around the tiny “cleat” before pouring the water into the cup.

The tea steeps while the string and label stay securely attached.

I’m not a “leave my bag in the cup” kinda girl, so I’d still use an
extra bowl for the bag after it was ready, but I think this design of
the Tie Tea Cups is both clever and modern.

a few tea packets inside and you’ll have yourself an amazing gift idea.
They’re $25 a piece, so I’m not recommending getting enough for your
entire extended family, but (and I think you can see where I’m going
with this) maybe enough that you can have tea for two. -Betsy

Pick up your Tie Tea Cup at Generate.com. Free shipping on all online orders. Yay!

[via one hungry mama]