personalized baby blanketsI first discovered the fleece personalized baby blankets from mom-run Admiral Road a few years back, and really liked their bold, child-friendly designs right away. Having owned one for several years now, it sure has held up over time; it’s gone from a stroller blanket for my babies, to a toddler blanket when they outgrew the crib, and now it’s in its third career as a doll blanket that moonlights as a superhero cape. And it still looks great.

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Looking to see what’s new at the shop since back in the dark ages of ’07, I like seeing some new designs for babies like the elephant blanket–it
comes in pink or a gender-neutral navy, and I love it.Especially knowing that part of the revenue is going to Freeschools World Literacy to make sure women and children in India and Thailand can have an education.

And when your
kids finally do outgrow theirs, there are also some neat camp blankets that can keep them cozy in their (sniff sniff) big kid twin beds.

How great to find a practical keepsake baby gift that you really can keep. –Liz

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