"Girls Have Cooties" bacteria cupcake wrappersI can’t stop giggling over these printable cupcake wrappers available from the Spaceships and Laser Beams Etsy shop. The description says it’s so hard to find anything for Valentine’s Day that appeals to little boys… and sure, I can see the elementary set loving the germy depiction of love, absolutely. But honestly? Forget the kids.

If you have coworkers or a beloved who works in science/medicine, I
think the adults will get a huge kick out of these
hearts-turned-bacteria cupcake wrappers. A few bucks gets you a downloadable PDF so you
can print your own.

Or just use them for the friend who just got dumped and have your own anti-Valentine’s Day celebration. Really, the possibilities are endless. And I’m still laughing. -Mir

Get your “Girls Have Cooties” cupcake wrappers on Etsy from Spaceships and Laser Beams along with lots of other party supplies designed for maximum boy appeal.