nightmare nibblers
Four is a magical age. And for us, it includes a daily account of closet gremlins and nightmares that involve an epic battle between Scooby Doo and armored Transformer/My Little Pony hybrids.

I love the imagination. The fear of bedtime, not so much.

That’s why I love the idea of this Nightmare Nibbler. After all, if you can’t beat the monsters, you might as well get an even scarier monster to chase them away and eat the nightmares, right?

This handsome stuffed monster just happens to be named Norbert, and he’s part of the Nightmare Nibbler
Nation, sent from a place far, far away to end bad sleeps once and for
all. Each one has a bilingual hang tag printed
with a poem to read each night as part of the nightmare banishing
ritual. Your child can also download printable color pages from the
Nightmare Nibbler site. And you can also use your Nightmare Nibbler as
an opportunity to discuss giving back, since a portion of each sale goes
to provide bed kits to needy children through Sleeping Children Around
the World. ~Delilah

Buy the the Nightmare Nibbler plush animal from the Nightmare Nibbler website.

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