Raw chocolate by Fine and RawI thought I knew good chocolate. I rather pride myself on favoring the high cacao content and richer taste of the more expensive brands. But I had never even heard of raw chocolate when one of my readers was kind enough to ask if she could send me a “little something” she thought I would enjoy.

Raw chocolate? Wouldn’t that be… a cacao pod? Well, yes and no. According to Fine & Raw,
the difference between their methods and conventional chocolate-making
is that their end product is much closer to the source than most–they
use low temperatures which preserve more of the chocolate’s nutrients,
antioxidants (see, it’s a health food), and flavor.

According to me,
the difference is that their organic, artisanal chocolate has
completely and forever ruined me for that mass-produced stuff. I am not a
woman who normally knows moderation, and a tiny piece of this produces
such a rich and complex uber-chocolate experience that I’m not sure I
could pig out on it even if I wanted to. 

handmade in Brooklyn (by a financial analyst-turned-chocolatier, no
less), and priced accordingly. Valentine’s Day is coming up, guys. If
there’s any chocolate on the planet that equals love, this is it. -Mir

Buy artisanal, organic raw chocolate from Fine & Raw, or check out where you can buy it in person.