I have Joe Cocker in my head right now. He’s singing You Are So Beautiful to Me, and I’m getting all choked up when his voice cracks at that one point at the end. He also happens to be singing the song to the unbelievably amazing treats from Ugly Truffles (at least in my head) which happen to make the perfect last minute Valentine’s Day gift.

If to you, perfect = ugly.

I first discovered Chocolate Gourmet’s Ugly Truffles¬†(and their homely cousins, Damn Good Cookies) two years ago and have¬†been an evangelical fan of these small-batch treats every since. And¬†now, just in time to uglify your Valentine’s Day, they’ve got some new truffle gift assortments, including “Heart on Your Sleeve” – 9 delectable handmade truffles with names like Bawdy Berry, Come Hither Honey (so so good!), and my fave, Put Your Clothes on Chocolate.

As in, put your clothes on, the kids are at the door! Not uh, put them on the chocolate.

If you’ve got a family gift in mind, perhaps forgo the truffles for a gift set of their brand-new brownies,¬†called Squares. Each of the four gourmet flavors are exquisite, but the¬†browned butter blondie with salted pecans and butterscotch chips is the¬†death of me. This is seriously the best blondie I have ever tasted.¬†Ever. And I have tasted a lot of blondies.
If you can’t choose, look for the “Fools Rush In” assortments that¬†contain both. The gift packs come befittingly wrapped in lovely brown
paper packages tied up in string, with some special little red touches¬†just for Valentine’s Day.

And now you have another song in your head. Or possibly, a Julie Andrews-Joe Cocker mash-up. You’re welcome.

Uglify your Valentine’s day with the gift assortments with Ugly Truffles from Chocolate Gourmet.¬†