Lace-up Hunter rain boots
When the weather in New York City involves any sort of precipitation, it’s hard to open an umbrella without hitting a pair of Hunter boots on the sidewalks, my own chocolate brown pair included. In fact the waterproof wellies are so ubiquitous in my neighborhood, I have often wondered if they sponsor rainy days.

So how to stick out in a sea of Hunters? Order up a pair of their new lace-up style!

The Verbier boot 
features an 80mm wedge, a brand new idea for Hunter, which, if you
didn’t know, supplies waterproof footwear to the Royal Family (well,
excuse me!). If you’re vertically-challenged like I am, then extra
height is always appreciated–even if it is cats and dogs outside.

laces are non-functioning, so slipping-on/slipping-off is still a
cinch. Hunter even throws in an extra pair–one matching and one
contrasting–for more style options. Rainy days have never been so chic.

Find the new Verbier boot in lots of colors and styles online at Hunter boots or at Zappos.

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