Handmade OlympicsA couple of weeks ago, we invited you to nominate yourselves or your favorite handmade artisans for the Handmade Olympics, a fun, entirely unathletic competition featuring amazing handmade creations.

Cool Mom Picks was invited to be the official judges of Event 2, Children’s Items, and let’s just say, our job was very hard. Crazy hard! We have a tough enough time narrowing our gift guides down to 100 or so items, but ten? Phew. There’s a lot of talent out there.

But now, our job is done and it’s up to you to choose a winner.
Your votes can help crafters and artists take up $2000 worth of prizes!

It takes just a few seconds to choose your
favorite in our category, and if you’re so inclined, all the others. We love a little friendly competition. Especially because when you find more amazing handmade items, you win too. -Kristen

Head over to the Handmade Olympics and place your votes. We judged Event 2. Who are you voting for?