Birth Prints by Oh So SmittenThe best post-baby gift I ever received was half of a chocolate cake–which I ate with a spork at midnight in my hospital bed.

But if you’re looking for a gift that’s thoughtful, hip, memorable, and won’t leave crumbs in the baby’s hair, I’ve got to recommend these adorable birth prints from Oh So Smitten.

And smitten we are. First of all, the birth prints
are perfect for framing, from the thick, beautiful paper to the
archival inks. Secondly, they’re fully customizable, from the colors of
the design to the name and birth information. Thirdly, one of the three
available designs is a thoroughly charming robot.

That means you
can have a pink robot which is, by nature, awesome, not to mention a
great departure from the usual girly girl pantheon of princesses. ~Delilah

Find custom birth prints for boys and girls at Oh So Smitten on Etsy. You might also enjoy her stationary, posters, and thank you cards.