handmade olympics
One of the fun things about judging the children’s category of the Handmade Olympics this past week, was discovering so many super incredible new finds for you all. It certainly balanced one of the hard things–actually having to pick among about a zillion gorgeous items.

The winners are now posted and we’re proud to announce the big winner that all of you chose: the gorgeous paper doll blocks from Tiny Giraffe previously seen right here! What can we say, great minds…

Congrats also to silver winner bybido for this totally awesome doll in a trunk by bibido, and mazska’s funny animal bowling set which took the bronze. Click over and behold the crafty fabulosity of Olympic proportions.

Really, everyone here is a winner. Mostly our kids. Because they now get to own some of this stuff, lucky them. –Liz

See all the winners of on The Handmade Olympics on the Rikrak Studio Blog.

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