Kleynimals - toy keys for babies The beloved car keys–Babies just can’t get enough of them. And no matter how realistic those toy keys look, babies know the difference. And even though desperate times can call for desperate measures, it’s certainly not ideal. That’s why Kleynimals are so brilliant.

Inspired by the same dilemma, a smart mom invented the very smart Kleynimals:
toy car keys that look like cute little animals, but made from non-toxic,
food grade stainless steel. Kleynimals sound like keys when you shake
them and they probably taste like keys, you know, minus all the grime, sharp edges,
and possible lead.

Because they’re stainless steel, these keys (or is it kleys?) are definitely much heavier than plastic toy keys, so watch your own head–and your wee one’s–when they’re swinging them around. And they do have a bit of a metal smell, which isn’t bad, just noticeable.

They’re a fantastic alternative to the icky plastic toy keys and the expensive silver keepsake rattles that you don’t really want to let them take out of the house. I’m already imagining my baby’s delight when that
moment of key sucking can go on for more than just a minute. Without the “ew.” –Elizabeth

Find out more about Kleynimals and purchase them on their website.