Letterpress calling cards by Paper LovelyI love the idea of carrying a calling card that really speaks to me. It would give my work-at-home career some validation. And who knows… just carrying that card could open up some doors. Choosing the design is like deciding who you are or how you want other people to see you.

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With the new collection of calling cards by Paper Lovely, designed
by Kim Burks, there are seven designs to choose from and each one is
elegant, unique and inspiring. The paper is
made from recovered materials, so not only are they eco-friendly, but
also have a cool texture and are very sturdy.

Just knowing that a beautiful calling card exists in my wallet,
ready to be given out to potential clients, makes me feel like the
universe will send those offers my way. At least that’s what all
those career-building books say. Whether you believe in that stuff
or not, these cards still inspire me.- Elizabeth

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