Easy online baby bookSo this adorable thing happened the other day with my preschooler and baby. It was really adorable. It happened and I said to myself, “Self, remember this so you can write it down after they’re in bed.” 

….Yeah. If I could only remember what that adorable moment was.

But I think I’ve found a way that might help me record these memories before they’re forever lost to the baby-post-bedtime fog.

Moment Garden is
pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a virtual garden where you
“plant” milestones and baby memories. At first, I wasn’t totally sure
about the idea–I mean, I have baby books for that, right? But then I
realized that I, uh, don’t always update the baby books as often as I
should. So I created a free account and started writing in some memories
about my babies’ early lives. And you know what? It was awesome.
as simple as it could possibly be: you click on the date for which
you’d like to log a memory and add a picture (or not, if you’d rather
just have text). Your family and friends can add thoughts, too, which
adds a whole other dimension to the idea of a baby book.
can even add thoughts directly to your garden via email, which is kind
of perfect for when inspiration strikes but you’re nowhere near a
computer. Or your computer has been taken over by Elmo games. –Lexi

Get your memories down on paper–er, online–at the online baby book Moment Garden.