monogrammed rain bootsThis week we had a taste of spring – not the sunny, warm spring, but the rainy, cold spring that you know is right around the corner. And nothing cheers us up around here on a rainy day like a fun new pair of rain boots ready for puddle jumping.

Ever since I got my first monogrammed LL Bean bag, I’ve had a soft spot for monogrammed items. Rain boots by Zou Baby
are the first monogrammed rain boots I’ve seen and I love the classic
design. Available in adult and youth sizes, both you and your child can
step out in preppy style.

I’m not as crazy about some of the curliecue typefaces, but the classic
“circle” monogram is chic. And underneath it all, the soft, knitted nylon lining
keeps things cozy and comfy.

If the Zou Baby rain boots get my kids out of the house and into the car faster on
rainy days, they’ll put a spring in my step. Even if I’m not the one
wearing them. –Elizabeth

Find monogrammed rainboots for children and adults online at Zou Baby.