Stackable toy storage shelves Stuffed animals, princesses, puzzle pieces, barrettes, stickers, play food, books…Walking into my daughter’s room makes me to want to scream in a fit
of frustration and horror. With all the options for toy storage out there (and we’ve covered quite a few), there is one that I find I keep going back to.

Q Collection Junior’s Stella Stackable Storage looks so fabulous, I would want it even if we weren’t in dire need. But, I do need it. Bad.

Stella Stackables, what don’t I love about you? This modern
marvel of toy storage is available with or without doors, and you can
stack it or use any one individually. I can’t get over the nifty cut-out
door pulls shaped like circles or stars. And another wow factor are the
incredible colors.

This is definitely grown-up furniture,
VOC-free and made from locally sourced wood–and the prices reflect
that. If you’re looking for inexpensive particle board that will last a
few years max, you’ll definitely want to head to that Swedish superstore
instead. Here, you get what you pay for. But I think Stella is worth
it.  – Elizabeth

Find the Stella Stackable Storage at Q Collection Junior.