Before kids, I thought coffee was a charming diversion. After kids, I’m pretty sure I drink more coffee than water, and whenever I have blood drawn, I expect it to be brown and flavored with hazelnut.

Therefore, when I heard that there was a new drink on the market that left coffee in the dust– or grinds– I was shocked and disbelieving. Then I heard it was made of chocolate, and I went straight to flabbergasted. And now I’m obsessed.

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It’s called Crio Brü,
and it’s made of 100% pure, premium cocoa beans. It has the smell,
flavor, and health benefits of dark chocolate with none of the calories
or fat. And best of all, it brews up just like coffee. Whether you go
the French press route or put it in your coffeemaker, you can drink it
straight or mixed with cream and sugar for a coffee-but-better sort of

I’ve been trying Crio Brü for a month now, and my favorite
brewing method is to mix it 1:1 with coffee in my auto-drip coffeemaker,
then add some stevia and a dash of creamer. The smell as it brews
almost makes up for the fact that my kids wake me up before 7:00am every

I’ve tried two of the three flavors, and I love them
both. Cavalla is warm and spicy with flavors of coconut and cinnamon,
while Vega Real has a bit of a tang, a slight undertone of green tea and

I’m also happy to
report that Crio Brü is 100% responsibly grown, ethically traded, and
frequently organic.

When I hear the word “superfood,” I cringe.
And when someone says, “It’s better than coffee,” I laugh. But Crio Brü
is both. No wonder the ancient Mayans called cacao the drink of the

Fall in love with Crio Brü at the Crio Bru at their official website, or on Facebook. Get free shipping with orders over $75.

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