Annie Leibovitz Disney ads
Mirror, mirror, on the wall: What does the Evil Queen look like after all?

For the third time, Disney has commissioned photographer Annie Leibovitz to turn beloved animated characters into spectacular dreamscape images for their ad campaign. While we don’t tend to cover ad campaigns, we kind of love this one.  Especially now that we’re finally seeing Disney villains!

[see the cool celebs as Disney character images after the jump]

queen latifa as ursula the sea witch

olivia wilde and alec baldwin as snow white characters

The model choices might surprise you. Belle is played by Penelope
Cruz, and her transformed Beast is Jeff Bridges, looking a whole lot
better than he did in True Grit. Ursula the Sea Witch is played
awesomely by Queen Latifa, while Olivia Wilde makes a good Evil Queen
from Snow White. But what we really love is the face behind the magic mirror:

Alec Baldwin. Of course.~Delilah

Catch the Disney Dreamscape images in magazines like InStyle, Real Simple, and People, and get the whole behind-the-scenes look in the April issue of O – The Oprah Magazine.

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