Food52 - Food Pickle Q and A
I’m one of those passionately clueless cooks who often doesn’t know what she’s doing until she’s elbow-deep in a soup gone wrong.

It would be so great to have savvy cooking support close at hand, to help me figure out how to fix my overly salty soup, or to brainstorm about what to do with all this leftover pasta, or help me identify what horror is growing in the produce drawer.

Happily, there is a food brain trust in Food Pickle, a real-time food Q&A at Food 52, the cooking website of respected food writers Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs.

Have a food question? Post it directly to the food52 website, or what’s really cool is that you can tweet it out to @foodpickle.
My food-panicked tweets about cauliflower florets were answered by
multiple cooks in mere minutes–much faster, easier, and certainly
friendlier than any search engine could be. – Barbara

Get real time answers to your cooking questions at Food 52 or follow them on twitter @foodpickle


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