It used to drive me crazy when my son was a newborn that I couldn’t learn how to swaddle properly with a swaddling blanket. My husband could. In fact, everybody else could. Why wasn’t this genius product around then? I could have looked like a swaddling superstar!

What’s cool about TrueWomb
is that it not only secures your baby into the fetal position, which is how they feel most comfortable at that age, but is also made with
stretchy, breathable, cotton, so that babies can extend their bodies
and move their arms around when they want to–unlike the traditional baby burritos.

The arms pop into sleeves and the body fits into the bottom part
that’s kind of like a pocket. Then everything seals up with Velcro. (Watch the instructional video which is pretty clear.)

can get TrueWomb swaddlers in sizes ranging from preemies through 6-9 months, including an an arms-free “weaning” swaddle–but I don’t imagine most kids wanting to be
contained at that age so stick with the younger sizes. If you’re swaddling challenged like I was, this is a great way to keep that fact under wraps. Ha. -Betsy

You can buy the swaddling blanket from for $39.99.