Geometric polymer clay jewelry by nomilktodayUsually, when I hear the words “geometry” or “polymer clay,” I start daydreaming about cupcakes until the conversation comes back around to something I dig. Like cupcakes. But as soon as I saw the cool jewelry by nomilktoday, I perked right up.

Originally, I thought they were made of paper origami, which
wouldn’t last. Nope. It’s polymer clay, and it’s bizarrely elegant and

Each of these pieces is created of hand-cut and textured polymer clay by nomilktoday‘s
Eva from Athens, Greece. We haven’t actually seen one live, but the
feedback at her Etsy shop is 100% positive and very gracious, mentioning that the work is
beautiful in person and lighter than it looks, whether you’re into
earrings, an adjustable copper-plated ring, an
occasional necklace, or a custom piece via the Request
Custom Item button. And the shipping is under $6, which ain’t bad for

And if you want the Delilah Really Likes It Guarantee,
I’m ordering a piece right now, because writing this review convinced me
that, bizarrely, I now love triangles. Not surprisingly, I’ve always
loved the song Bizarre Love Triangle. ~Delilah

Check out the geometric polymer clay jewelry from nomilktoday on Etsy. But not until after I’ve ordered mine, okay?