Vamplets!The next Twilight movie doesn’t come out until this November– don’t ask me how I know. So for now, if you’ve got teens into Twilight or tweens into goth gone adorable, you might want to check out the Vamplets.

This coven/nursery of snuggly stuffed babies
is supposedly rotten to the core… except that they’re pretty darn
cute. From Evilyn Nocturna’s skully-sweet pigtails to Count Vlad
VonGloom’s bottle of blood, the Vamplet dolls and accessories are a fun
way to bridge the gap between baby dolls and sparkly Team Edward baby
doll shirts.

If it
sounds morbid, well, it is. These aren’t the Care Bears. They’re goth
in a fun, sparkly, non-threatening, and slightly ridiculous way. You can
even buy a bottle of disappearing blood for your batty baby. Better
batz than Bratz, I always say.~Delilah

Buy your own Vamplet online, check out their list of retail locations, and visit the online world of Gloomvania. There’s also a growing forum for Vamplet adopters, but… I can only go so far.