Now I don’t have to wonder what I’m using to turn my eggs all shades of the rainbow, thanks to a super-easy-to-use natural Easter egg dying kit whose ingredients are just as natural as the eggs.

For years, I have dyed my Easter eggs in whatever is conveniently sold from my supermarket shelves, doing that whole rationalizing thing: It’s only for one day! They eat two pounds of jelly beans, what’s a little dye? I just don’t have time to mash berries for color!”

But now, the smart and creative minds at eco-kids, whose eco-dough and eco-paint are among our beloved craft supplies, have come out with a new-and-improved eco-eggs natural Easter egg coloring kit for this year that really delivers those ooooh’s.

This is one of the easier kits I’ve ever used. No smelly vinegar needed, just water mixed with their all-natural, plant-based orange, blue or purple powder dyes and a bunch of hard-boiled eggs.

Editor's Pick of the WeekThe colors are totally swoon-worthy; I’ve never seen a purple egg look so gorgeously bright, and the yellow couldn’t be easier. Ironically, this “green” kit disappointed me only with their green color, but, I just covered those eggs up with the cartoon cutouts provided in the kit and online, and all was well.

These concentrated colors don’t come cheap but they do color a ton of eggs–instead of dumping your kit, save it and do another round in a few days. A word of warning though: They stain your fingers for a day so do make sure you open the powder dyes yourself, or risk looking like you all spent Easter at an Indian Holi festival.

Grab your own set of the new-and-improved, natural Easter egg dyes from the eco-kids website