Netto CribI’ve often said to new mom friends that if I had to do it over, I’d have spent less on the crib. Not that I didn’t adore our crib for the four years that we used it; but there has to be a better way than shelling out a fortune, even for those of us who have high-end tastes.

Now, fortunately, there is an amazing option: a fabulous new website that’s like Craig’s List for high end baby gear.

is a place you can buy and sell only gently used, high
end nursery furniture and toys. The site is still relatively new, so
there’s not a huge selection yet but I like what I’m seeing so
far–Netto cribs for $500. A Bugaboo Cameleon for $400. A MacLaren Quest
for $100. A Peg Perego high chair for $99. Even toys, like the little trampoline
that my kids adored at Grandma’s house, down to 70% to 30 bucks.

They’re not Goodwill Prices, but those are some significant discounts.

No surprise that the modern, thoughtfully-designed ReCrib comes from
Daniel and
Michelle Lehman, a pair of mom + pop refugees from the NYC ad world.
They’ve set up each listing to show the condition, year purchased, and
whether it’s for shipping or pick-up–LA and NYC moms have more pick-up
options right now, not surprisingly.

And if you want to sell your gear?
You can do that too. The first three listings are free. Just use your
computer or the ReCrib mobile app that’s launching soon. (Presumably for
those moments that you’re out to lunch but absolutely must list your Tripp Trapp immediately!)

As with any online resale site, there’s a bit of caveat emptor here, but
a seller/buyer rating system should help to keep people honest. If it all works out, how fun will it to be one of those moms who’s all, my Phil + Ted’s? 300 dollars. How about yours? Liz

Buy or sell discount baby geare from high-end brands online at ReCrib