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I’m in a period of mega-emotion when it comes to the idea that my almost 4-year-old and about-to-be-1-year-old are past the wee little onesies. Every weekend, I sit down with a pile of old clothes from the garage–which is rapidly turning into a baby clothing repository (who needs space for the cars, anyway?)–and attempt to weed them out. It’s slow-going. I just wish I could frame those sweet pink cardigans and teensy duck-covered pants and keep them forever, you know?

Fortunately, it can be done–and in the sweetest, prettiest, most contemporary way ever.

The Great Remember is
a Brooklyn-based company helmed by mom-artist Lisa Waltuch, which will
take some of your child’s well-loved fabrics and turn them into absolutely stunning works of art.

The process is easy: place your order online, and the company will send
you a prepaid envelope in which to send your favorite fabrics. 5-6 weeks later you’ll have a unique appliqué piece of keepsake art, or a handmade locket (at right) made with that old lovey or Christening dress.

handmade keepsake locket
Here’s another amazing option: turn your kids’ (many, many, many) works of art into absolutely stunning mosaics. Prices start at $99 for a locket or $149 for a mosaic. Invest $1299 for a super-special cameo or silhouette made to look like your child, all with fabrics from his or her own clothes. You can also place custom orders
if you have your own artsy idea. But I think the ideas on the site are plenty artsy enough. -Lexi

Turn children’s clothes or drawings into works of art online through The Great Remember. Deal alert: use code MD15 to get 15% your order through 4/25.

If you’re in NY and  want
an in-person look at these gorgeous heirlooms-meets-art, hit their private gallery show on April 12 from 6:30-8:30. 438 12th St., Apt. 1C, Brooklyn. More details on the site.

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