Living in a big city has tons of benefits, but ample living space is not one of them. Which is why bunk beds are the urban dweller’s most functional answer to shared bedrooms. It will certainly be the answer for my sons’ room when the time comes.

Sure, there are many bunk beds on the market, but you’ll be hard pressed to find some as cool and functional as the new double sleepers from design groupie fave Oeuf.

The Perch Bunk Bed from Oeuf is the Brooklyn-based design company’s next foray into the juvenile furniture market after their popular toddler bed. What sets the eco-friendly Perch apart from so many other bunks are its configuration options. Once the roomies grow out of the traditional bed on bed layout, the two beds can be separated, leaving you with a space-saving loft bed and a standalone twin.

One thing I always get nervous about with bunk beds is the safety factor (blame it on an accident at summer camp). Oeuf eases parental nerves by making the Oeuf beds lower than most other bunks on the market. But I do worry that the side rail for the top bunk may not be tall enough. If your top bunk sleeper is well-acclimated to big kid beds, then I would feel safer. If not, then I would probably look into attaching an additional guard rail. On the plus side, the ladder to the top bed has been smartly angled for a safer ascent. (UPDATE: Oeuf has increased the height of the upper guard rails on the Perch bunk by 2.5 inches)

Aside from all of the functional features, Oeuf-devotees will love the ultra-clean and modern design. Another huge plus is that Perch coordinates perfectly with so many of the other Oeuf pieces, which is good since the bunks don’t come with any additional shelving or storage, a little disappointing for the steep price ($1490).

Though all that style doesn’t come for cheap, this a fine piece of furniture that will long outlast its bunk competitors. –Melissa

The Oeuf Bunk Bed
is available at Babesta and Modern Nursery and comes in two finishes–birch/white and walnut/white.