Kids' travel guides by Look Out WorldMy 4-year-old-any-second-now daughter is at the age where she’s learned there’s more to the world than just home, store, and school. She’s asking about the places she can visit after a plane ride or two, and while most of them involve the beach (she’s convinced she already knows how to surf) or Japan (what can I say? She’s into veggie sushi), I’m getting really excited about the prospect of introducing her to the rest of the world.

CMP went nuts over Look Out World, Here I Come! New York Adventure Kit last summer, and it’s a San Francisco treat to be able to report that more cities are here.

Look Out World
is launching Chicago and, yes, San Francisco editions of the DVD this
Monday. Like the New York-themed original, the new versions bring big
cities down to fun, relatable, kid-sized adventures, using cute,
friendly characters, music, and special activity guides. All for $19.95 a
pop. Hey, it really is a small world, after all. -Lexi