Blue Manatee box of booksWe joke a lot about how our kids sometimes would rather play with the box a present comes in than the actual present. The thing is… it’s not always a joke. And one company has taken that idea  on, big time.

Blue Manatee Boxes are amazing to their book-filled cores. At the site, you choose from
about a dozen book themes for preschoolers and early readers, like BirthdayBox, BoyntonBox or EcoBox. Pick
a size from 3-9 books, and fill the box with
the books of your choice.

But there’s more. Just as much thought has gone into the non-book parts of this magic box. It’s packed with biodegradable, organic cornstarch packing
peanuts that your kids can fuse together with a sponge (included!) and
cool ideas for using the box when they’re done, plus a crayon to help
them decorate it.
No bells no whistles–just great books and a big box ready for gift-giving. Your kids will add the imagination. -Lexi

Pick out some books for your kid’s Blue Manatee Box and let the fun begin!