I’m always on the lookout for ways to actually use the 15,640 baby and kid photos stored on my laptop. And after Mother’s Day last week, you probably added a few more. I mean, I make sure to email them on to the respective grandparents and so on, but it would be a dream to do something a bit… well, cooler with them.

CMP was thrilled to discover Pinhole Press late last year–and we weren’t the only ones. To be honest, theĀ gorgeous personalized photo cards, books, framed prints and notepadsĀ were so popular during the holiday season that the new company had some issues getting all the orders out. So we checked back in with them–and we’re happy to report that they’ve made a lot of improvements so that the service isĀ now as top-notch as the products.

Plus our readers who are ordering are saying the same.

Custom photo calendar from Pinhole Press

Grab something from their impressive lineup of simple, high-quality gift ideas, like sweet custom brag booksĀ or photo calendars and start getting organized now. They print and ship their photo products within 1-10 days, but order soon–Father’s Day will be here before you know it.

Take a peek at Pinhole Press‘s personalized photo cards, books, prints and more.