Make-your-own popupsMy son has been totally into making pop-ups this week. Little paper springs, rainbows and jack-in-the-boxes are all over our kitchen table as I type this. (And a million tiny scraps of paper are still on the kitchen floor.) And now, your kids can get into it too.

There’s not a doubt in my mind that crafty kids will go nutty for the adorable make your own pop-up tutorial
at Oh Happy Day.

Teeny, tiny balloons and a sweet message banner make this the perfect
card for oh-so-many occasions. And the concept (which is actually easy
enough for a young child – I know because we made something similar for
our Valentine’s Day cards this year) is applicable to all kinds of other
designs, too.

Now if only someone would invent a pop-up that cleans up all the scraps of paper on the floor. –Stephanie

[via soph world]