Old Navy Gay Pride teesWe’ve always been proud to support all types of families at Cool Mom Picks–the ones with one mommy, the ones with two mommies, the ones with no mommies at all. So we’re thrilled to see that Old Navy is doing the same, by making a stand in favor of love and tolerance with their new line of Gay Pride T-shirts launching next week.

This is a pretty big corporate statement and we admire the guts. But we really like that 10% of Old Navy sales on the items will go to the It Gets Better Project, a truly amazing effort to encourage the world to speak up against hate and intolerance. To be clear, we’re talking the kind of hate and intolerance that leads to an inexcusable rate of teen suicide in the gay community. If you haven’t clicked over to the site yet to watch the videos, do it. And bring the Kleenex.

If you’re inclined to wear your support on your chest, you can grab one of the four cute Gay Pride t-shirt designs for men, women and babies at Old Navy starting Monday, each for less than $15.

Rainbows everywhere! Most of all, we hope, in more people’s lives. –Liz + Kristen

Editor’s Note: The t-shirts will not be available online, but rather in select Old Navy stores. Here’s a list of the stores carrying the gay pride tees.