Camp Combo Mabel's Labels
The first time I packed my kids up for a week of summer camp, I couldn’t get believe all the stuff they needed, even for day camp. And everything, everything, needed a name attached to it, something I unfortunately left to the last minute the first year. 

This year, I’d rather spend a few moments with CMP fave Mabel’s Labels and their new camp pack, than an hour spent with a Sharpie and a cramped hand.

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The Mabel’s Labels camp labels combo pack has a specific label for just about everything but the mosquito bites–water bottles, lunch bags, little tubes of toothpaste. There are even special shoe labels that can somehow withstand the ick of dirty little feet rubbing against them, and Tag Mates that stay stuck on the clothing that goes straight into the washing machine.

I’d probably pick a camp-themed design for our labels (love the little campfire), but there are over thirty different icons from skateboards to soccer balls. You may prefer something less seasonal yourself–especially since you know the item will be back from camp at the end of the summer. –Christina

Grab Mabel’s Labels Limited Edition Camp Combo in time for summer camp.
Thanks to everyone for entering our Mabel’s Labels giveaway, and congratulations to Nicholle C!  She won a Mabel’s Labels Limited Edition Camp Combo label pack. 

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