tru.che United/World of Love necklacesWe love seeing the amazing work of independent artisans recognized on big sites–except when they don’t actually give credit to the artist. That seems to be the case with jewelry artist Stevie Koerner of tru.che, whose beautiful United/World of Love line has inspired an exact replica on a certain huge retailer’s website.

In honor of all the support she’s gotten from the web today, she’s offering a fantastic discount on all her pieces. But hurry, it lasts for today only!

You can score 20% off Stevie’s beautiful sterling silver jewelry, whether you’d wear the country of your heritage or the state where your kids were born (or conceived, ahem). I love the idea of showing some patriotism for the good old USA (pictured) without decking yourself out in red, white, and blue.

We love being a part of the indie community and supporting them any which way we can. Even more so when it’s through buying a beautiful piece of jewelry for ourselves. Pull our arm – we don’t mind one bit. -Kristen

Learn more about the tru.che story on the I Make Shiny Things Blog. And head to tru.che to buy the great necklaces. Mention “THANKYOU” in the comments at check out for your order from to receive 20% off. Hurry, the sale is for today only!