Candy-colored baby clothes from Zutano
I love finding baby clothes that provide an antidote to the whole babies wear black thing. I mean look, if you can’t wear turquoise, pink and tangerine when you’re two, when can you?

(Okay, maybe when you’re 70 and retiring in Palm Beach.)

I’ve always loved Zutano for making unabashedly optimistic baby and kids clothes, and some of their new spring/summer patterns are just that.

The spring line of baby clothes from Zutano has the sweetest candy-colored “Gumballs
print for girls’ shorts, sunsuits, dresses, and shirts. Zutano founder and lead designer, Uli
Belenky, designed the print to evoke a
traveling-down-Willy-Wonka’s-river kind of feeling (presumably without
the scary parts in the tunnel). It’s so bright and yummy in a retro-hip
sort of way, I can totally see it.

My daughter has recently made the connection between the big gumball
machine in the entryway of our favorite restaurant and the pink stuff
that she watches people blow bubbles with–and she’s intrigued. She’s too young to try the sticky stuff, but this might be an apt replacement.

All of Zutano’s pieces are available in preemie sizes up to 4T, made with the
softest cotton. And if you’re not familiar with this boutique brand, the
best part of all is that every print somehow matches perfectly with
other prints in the line, no matter how mismatchy you might think they
are at first. The dots go with the stripes go with the owls or the airplanes. Everything just works together.

Which you most certainly can’t say about a lot of things–like, say, gum and hair -Lexi

Get your babe summer ready with baby clothes from Zutano.

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