Custom medic alert braceletI’m fortunate that I do not have any medical conditions that require me to wear a medic alert bracelet, but if I did, you can bet I’d slap it on my wrist permanently, regardless of what it looked like.

But these days, you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice your style for your safety, with this cool pick from one of our fave jewelry designers.

These gorgeous, custom medic alert bracelets are the perfect marriage of safety and style, made using artist Paula Lapkin’s signature leather and bead work
that we discovered last year.  Choose from gold or silver tags (large
or small) and a variety of cuff styles, all of which look like a regular
bracelet, but still stand out enough so that it’s clear they are indeed
medic alert–an important feature for sure.

I’m partial to the X-Wrap
(pictured) but I’d be perfectly happy with any of them. And I love how
Paula donates 20% of the purchase of each of these to charity.

You could buy a couple so you’re always coordinated with your outfits or
snag one for that finicky tween or teen who might be giving you a hard
time about wearing his or her medic alert bracelet. Heck, I’d be willing
to wear one myself and I don’t even need one. -Kristen

You can purchase a custom medic alert bracelet at Yara Jewelry.