Little Alouette Typography teething toys
We always have our eyes on artisans we’ve featured here before so we can share with you their newest, coolest goodies. So lucky me and you for this new discovery at one of our favorite mom and dad bizzes, Little Alouette.

Word lover or not, the typography teething toys might just be the most awesome new baby gift, made from locally sourced maple and finished with organic flax seed – no icky chemicals, thank you very much. And each letter is made completely by hand.

We loooove their suggestion of using these as a photo prop, which would be especially cool as a series from when they’re little through toddlerdom and beyond. And if you’re like me and you’ve have more than one baby (or in my case, four) that look a lot alike, it’ll ensure that you know who’s who in the photo albums. -Kristen

You can order the Typography teething toys at Little Alouette.

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