Kids Central KitchenBack when we first told you about the all-natural, nothing-yucky baking mixes from Kids Central Kitchen, we were already impressed. But they’ve gone and raised the bar. Or the snack bar?

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Not that we were complaining before, but they’ve gone ahead and improved the
mixes so they taste even better. Mixes for goodies like pancakes, energy bars and
chocolate brownies are still made of whole grains, and never any HFCS or anything else you’d rather keep out of your kitchen (and your kids).

kids are old enough to bake these all on their own, with minimal fuss
or mess. They say the Swinging Monkey banana bread mix is as good as
mine from scratch, but I say it’s even better. Because I don’t have to
lift a finger. Heh. -Mir

healthy baking mixes for kids online at Kids Central Kitchen and save 20% with coupon code COOLMOM20 through August 31, 2011