personalized childrens bookI’ve never been a big fan of personalized books. Books on their own can be so magical – why would I need my child worked into the plot somehow? There are a few personalized books for kids that we’ve reviewed that do the job beautifully, but in most that we’ve seen (and not recommended) the added-on details always look like they were, at best, rubber stamped in.

Well here’s another one in the former category.

Following Featherbottom is a personalized book that is actually done in a nifty fashion. The hardcover child’s book is
customized with the child’s name that the title character builds, letter
by letter, traveling around the world. My R was found near Rio, but
yours might be picked up in Riyadh.

You can add details like middle names and birth dates, so no two books
are quite the same. Brad Sneed’s watercolor illustrations are lovely with lots of fun details
(the tiger has a teddy bear, the rickshaw bearer has roller skates) to
make kiddos want to linger on each page. And their parents too. – Barbara

The personalized children’s book
Following Featherbottom is available through parent-run Marblespark for $32.95 Also check out the very cool Open Book project from the company to benefit girls in the developing world who really need it.