Zoku quick pop maker
Around our house, homemade popsicles are the treat of the century–a huge score for mom since they’re a relatively healthy dessert. Well, now that I’ve found this amazing new gadget, they’re not just a treat for my kids. My husband and I are enjoying them too – and best of all, you only have to wait about 10 minutes until you can eat them.

Meet my new buddy, Zoku, a brilliant popsicle maker which I’m probably insulting by calling a popsicle maker because holy cow you, should see the pops you can make with it.

You start by freezing the Zoku unit for at least 24 hours. Then when you’re ready to make your pops, insert the sticks, pour in your juice, and then watch it freeze. In about 7-10 minutes or so, you can twist your frozen treats out with the handy “Super Tool” gadget, pop on a drip stick, and devour them three at a time, and up to nine before it needs refreezing.

gourmet popsicles
We’ve tried it out with all sorts of juice combinations, even getting a little fancy by adding fruit and yes, gummy bears. The recipe book that’s included will give you a slew of amazing options, everything from orangesicles to chocolate pudding pops, even two-layer fancy ones for you confident in your skillz.

Now there is a little prep involved to be ready for your popsicle-making extravaganza. And you do need the pop sticks and the Super Tool, so keep track of them with an eagle eye or you’ll have to fork over more cash for replacements. But you’ll be surprised at how quickly the Zoku will become a kitchen essential, and will earn its price back within a just a few uses. -Kristen

You can purchase the Zoku quick pop maker at Zokuhome.com.


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