Cybex Onyx Umbrella StrollerI do believe I have just discovered the umbrella stroller to end all umbrella strollers.

All hail the Cybex Onyx.

First, let me say, the Cybex Onyx
is a high-end umbrella stroller. Which means it’s not a $25,
throw-in-the-trunk, department store special, nor does it have that kind
of price tag. But it will spin circles around most other umbrella
strollers. And, it just so happens, I’ve absolutely fallen in love with

How could I not? On top of the smooth ride and easy fold I would
demand of any luxury umbrella stroller, the Onyx comes in five sweet colors and also has some
neat features I wasn’t expecting.

Like the easy-to-adjust harness. I was amazed to discover that
it’s a simple one-handed pull to adjust the tension. So, if you’ve got
more than one child of stroller-riding age, it’s a breeze to switch back
and forth. No swearing required. (Who, me?) Okay, there are still
different shoulder heights to contend with, but for those “It’s my turn
to ride the stroller because I’m TIRED!” moments, it’s kind of nice to
just loosen it in two seconds and be ready to go.

cybex onyx stroller

The sun canopy, of all things, made my jaw drop. I have never seen a canopy
like this on an umbrella stroller before. It happens to
have a UV protection rating of 50+ and it can practically cover your
precious cargo right down to those tiny toes if you need it to. It
raises and lowers on the stroller frame and reaches almost all the way
down to the level of the seat. Plus, there’s an extra panel that zips
out to maximize coverage. Amazing.

I have only one complaint about this stroller and that is the
fact that the rain cover and cup holder aren’t included. Because,
really, doesn’t everybody want them?

But wait, there’s more! Like
a built-in shoulder strap for easy carrying — which makes it an ideal
stroller for the subway or bus riders among us. And it can stand upright
when folded! And it comes in all kinds of pretty colors! And if you get
a new Cybex Aton infant car seat, it could be the ultimate lightweight
travel system! Sorry, I’m getting overly excited here. But, seriously,
this stroller is incredible.

Even the brake is easy to use. Moms who have ruined good shoes
on bad stroller brakes will appreciate the fact that it’s a simple
procedure to step on the brake both to lock and unlock it.

Yes, amazing features like these don’t come cheap. But if
you’re looking for a spectacular stroller that will make life about a
million times easier for you, it’s time for a big, sweet sigh of relief
because, mamas, your search is over. –Stephanie P.

Find the Cybex Onyx Umbrella Stroller from Cybex-Online and also at Magic Beans.